EMTEQ Cuts Costs by $2,500 a Month and Frees Up I.T. Staff Time

EMTEQ Cuts Costs by $2,500 a Month and Frees Up I.T. Staff Time

As the director of I.T. for a global company, Josh Moore understands the challenges and frustrations of managing printers. This is especially true in the document-intensive aviation industry. With locations in the United States, Canada, Switzerland and Brazil, EMTEQ produces and supplies innovative products for the document-intensive aviation industry.

When he came on board with EMTEQ in 2011, Moore recognized that there were opportunities to improve end-user experience while significantly reducing costs. “I look at print as a non-value add to our I.T. department,” commented Moore. “I want my internal I.T. team focused on strategic projects, workflow improvement and overall business improvement, not printers.”

EMTEQ had two different partners supporting our printers and multifunction systems. “One of them was not giving us a lot of response,” remembers Moore. This began to distract Moore’s I.T. team. At the same time, he also sensed that the unmanaged fleet of printers could present a significant cost saving opportunity.

Unmanaged Costs
Costs related to printers and copiers were being managed separately. While The Office Technology Group provided printer support, another organization provided copier support, and there wasn’t a process to look at the total document output from a strategic perspective. As a result, EMTEQ had significant redundancy in their fleet with network printers sitting next to multifunction systems. Many devices were under-utilized, operating at a fraction of their full potential.

Aging Technology
The printing infrastructure was aging. The reliability of the multifunction systems was affecting employee productivity. When a multifunction system was down, it not only provided an inconvenience for the person wanting to print or copy, it inhibited communication and workflow when users couldn’t scan, email or fax documents.

Service Issues
Along the aging devices, the service response from the copier vendor was becoming less consistent. “The multifunction systems dealer was not giving us a lot of response.”

Moore decided that the best strategy would be to look at document output from the perspective of the organization’s needs rather than looking at it through the lens of separate copier and printer vendors. Based on his experience with The Office Technology Group, he invited them to complete a full review of the organization’s printing needs.

“The OTG really helped us look at the total cost of ownership of the print solution,” commented Moore. As a result, EMTEQ decided to have The OTG support all of their printing devices under a Managed Print Services Program. They also implemented 12 new Sharp multifunction systems.

Managed Print Services
The Managed Print Services program provides proactive support to EMTEQ’s fleet of over 75 Hewlett-Packard laser printers. Devices are monitored remotely, so when a printer begins to run low on supplies a new cartridge is automatically shipped directly to the location. Similarly, service issues are identified remotely. If necessary, a technician is dispatched to fix the device. Many issues are resolved before users even know the printer is offline.

Standardized Systems
Moore also decided to implement 12 new Sharp multifunction systems that print, copy, fax and scan. With a common platform, users are comfortable using devices across the organization. The multifunction systems were fully integrated with EMTEQ’s network making it easy to print and scan documents.

Moore is pleased with the results of his decision: “With Managed Print Services from The OTG we get a great combination of proactive management plus service responsiveness.”
Cost Reduction
“We’re saving $2,500 per month even with the new multifunction systems,” smiles Moore. “Actively managing print output with a single vendor is really helping the company. This frees up budget to be used for other critical activities.”

Service Responsiveness
In addition to saving money, Moore finds that printer issues no longer distract his I.T. team. “I just don’t hear complaints about the printers. With remote monitoring we know that someone has their eyes on our systems.”

Automated Supply Fulfillment
The Office Technology Group outlined a process by which consumables are shipped before we need them. “In the past three years I can only think of one instance where one of our devices ran out of toner,” recalls Moore. “And in that case, they jumped in the car and sent one right over.”

Improved Scanning
The new multifunction systems featured double the scanning throughput of the previous systems. “The OTG configured the multifunction systems to scan into our document management software. Once we ship an order we scan our shop floor packets to a document management system.”

Moore is pleased with his decision. “The OTG serves our best interests. They continue to come to the table with ways to reduce costs, even if it isn’t necessarily in their best interest.” When asked what he would say to other I.T. managers considering Managed Print Services from The OTG he said, “The numbers don’t lie. The OTG makes a solid business case and then back it up.”

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